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Elections to the Board of Trustees

Election result 2017

On 22 June 2017, Lynsey Bendon and Ruth Sweeney were elected to the UKCISA Board of Trustees.

Candidates' statements

Lynsey Bendon (nee Berrecloth), Head of Student Services, London Metropolitan University

Proposed: Lizzie Huckle, Imperial College London
Seconded: Alistair Logan, Coventry University

UKCISA has been a mainstay of my career. From my first training session in 2006 when I began advising international students at the University of East London; to attending and presenting at Conference; completing the UKCISA Certificate and PG Cert International Student Advice & Support; as AISA Regional Chair; and, following my 2014 move to manage the team at London Metropolitan University, as a contributor and UKCISA trainer myself.

I consider UKCISA to be vital in the current climate, providing essential advice and lobbying on behalf of students, training and supporting education professionals, and championing the excellent projects that enhance and celebrate the international student experience in the UK.

I believe that I would make a considerable contribution to UKCISA’s mission, bringing together my extensive experience in advice, compliance and student support; Post 92 insight; energy and enthusiasm, and should be grateful if you would elect me to the Board.

Sharon Bolton, Dean of Student Life, International Students' House

Proposed: Louise Saunderson, University of York
Seconded: Lizzie Huckle, Imperial College London

I am seeking re-election to the Board of Trustees to continue supporting the work that UKCISA does in tandem with many UK institutions to provide an excellent experience to international students, making sure that this work is recognised and celebrated, particularly in UKCISA’s 50th anniversary year. I bring 15 years’ experience of working in International Student Support in different London institutions. While immigration issues can often dominate our work, there are many other aspects of international student life which we must not neglect and that UKCISA works hard to keep on the agenda. As Dean of Student Life at International Students House, my role is to deliver a high quality experience for our residents, who come from over 100 different countries. I have particular interests in issues around integration and mental health. I hope that this breadth enables me to make a useful and important contribution to the Board.

Kayley Darby-Philpotts, Head of Immigration, Goldsmiths, University of London

Proposed: Bushra Shaikha, The Aga Khan University International
Seconded: Barbara Montagna, Bournemouth University

As current Head of Immigration at Goldsmiths, I manage the Immigration Advisory Service, which deals with all visa advice for staff and students, and then any associated immigration compliance. I started out my career working with asylum seekers who had been the victims of torture, then moved to work for the University of Birmingham as an Immigration Advisor. 5 years ago I made the move to Goldsmiths, and set up a centralised immigration service, because I noticed that the lack of joined up thinking was majorly affecting the international staff and student experience. Alongside my ‘day job’, I undertook an in house training contract, and will formally qualify as a Solicitor on 30 August 2017. I am regional lead for the Immigration Compliance Network, but I am seeking to hand that role over and would love to take up a role on the Board of Trustees so that I contribute towards the ongoing support and representation both of international students, and member institutions of UKCISA

Ruth Sweeney, Head of International Student Advice, King's College London

Proposed: Sarnjit Dhillon, Kingston University
Seconded: Sabine Belokopitova, The University of Northampton

As the current political environment unfolds, it is important that UKCISA continues to be a useful source of information for international/EU students and their advisors. Alongside being the voice of the sector, representing the multifaceted nature of further and higher education for international students in the UK.

I have a wealth of experience in supporting international students; starting my career overseas advising students travelling to the UK, and then in the UK working my way through various advisory, advice management and compliance roles leading me to my current position of Head of International Student Advice at King’s College London. Like many of you, I truly enjoy working with international students and understand how important our roles are in helping them to have a welcome and successful experience in the UK. It is for this reason that I hope to actively help UKCISA to support you.

I enjoy a challenge and believe that my commitment to the international student experience, together with my skills of decision making, open communication and hard-working attitude will make me the ideal candidate for the board of trustees that you can rely on to represent you.

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