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Bridging our worlds DVD

 A number of copies are still available to members (one per institution), free of charge, until the end of May. Contact publications2@ukcisa.org.uk

In this DVD students from across the globe talk frankly about the things that have surprised, puzzled and challenged them about living and studying in the UK. British students and staff also reflect on the issues facing international students, how they can help with the adjustment process, and what they themselves have learned from the varied perspectives and experiences international students bring with them.

Sections on Arriving (initial experiences); Surviving (day to day matters); Qualifying (the learning experience); and Advice to (future) International Students, are further divided by topic, giving trainers the option of showing longer sections for a general overview, or picking out particular sequences and clips. Additional specialist material is included on providing welfare advice and on the complex issues around teaching international students.

Together with the accompanying Trainers’ Manual, this DVD provides a valuable resource for anyone tasked with providing training on international student issues. It provides a simple way of bringing student voices directly into the training room, allowing staff to hear authentic accounts of the issues involved.

Contents and timings

Introductory sequence 1 min 30 secs

‘When I‘m here, I dream in English…’

Arriving 11 mins

  1. Expectations 1 min 45 secs
  2. First impressions 1 min 55 secs
  3. Culture shock 4 mins 50 secs - View DVD extract
  4. Orientation 2 mins 30 secs

Surviving 24 mins

  1. Day to day 3 mins 30 secs
  2. Alcohol 3 mins 30 secs
  3. Language 3 mins 10 secs
  4. Religion 2 mins 45 secs
  5. Conceptions and misconceptions 5 mins 20 secs - View DVD extract
  6. Social life 3 mins 30 secs
  7. Health 2 mins 10 secs

Qualifying 8 mins

  1. Approaches to learning 3 mins 40 secs - View DVD extract
  2. Practicalities of learning 3 mins 50 secs

Advice to international students 7 mins

Specialist Sections:

Interview skills 3 mins 10 secs

  1. The interview process – starting 1 min 20 secs
  2. The interview process – clarifying and informing 52 secs
  3. The interview process – ending 50 secs

Research on teaching and learning 17 mins 35 secs

  1. Plagiarism, teaching and assessment 2 mins 10 secs
  2. Students’ learning styles 2 mins 26 secs
  3. Student selection 1 min
  4. Essays and exams 2 mins
  5. Staff-student contact and support 2 mins 33 secs
  6. Student writing and seeking help 4 mins 42 secs
  7. Addressing plagiarism in practice 2 mins 4 secs
  8. Libraries 39 secs

Practice in teaching and learning 21 mins 7 secs

  1. Staff-student expectations 3 mins 25 secs
  2. Student writing and seeking help 1 min 35 secs
  3. The international classroom 2 mins 25 secs
  4. Student contact and support 1 min 55 secs
  5. Strategies for support 1 min 32 secs
  6. Essays and exams 1 min 35 secs
  7. Teaching strategies 8 mins 40 secs


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