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List of sessions with selective presentations and handouts

Wednesday 29 June 2016

You can also view the conference sessions by theme
When booking, you can select one session from A, B and G from the list that you would like to attend.  On Thursday, you can choose between three hour workshop sessions (CD, EF)  or 2x 1 hour 15 minute sessions (C, D, E and F).

Time Conference sessions
11am - 1pm Newcomers welcome and introduction to UKCISA conference
Sessions A

A1. Team-based learning: improving results, engagement and experience for international students
  A2. AISA members survey - your feedback
  A3. #WeAreInternational - a campaign to celebrate culturally diverse communities
  A4. International Student (Sexual) Health Project IS(S)H
  A5. GradLink UK: an introduction to UWE Bristol's award-winning careers site for international students across the UK
  A6.Tier 4 compliance a practical guide for staff
  A7. UCAS and the international applicant journey: 2017 and beyond
  A8. International student survey 2016: building a sustainable international recuitment strategy using predictive student profiling
  A9. The long and winding road: developing our international students' IT skills
  A10. First year international undergraduates' experiences in 4 disciplines: influences of university and international partner college pedagogy and support practices
 4.30-5.10pm Sessions B
  B1. cancelled
  B2. Short-term study visa route, pros and cons
  B3. Improving internationalisation in UK colleges through partnership with overseas institutions
  B4. Initiatives to develop international students' employability skills
  B5. 'Diverse Voices' initiative: ICOS' intercultural and student support training resource for staff working with international students
  B6. Emergency steps to reduce our refusal rate: can it better the student experience?
  B7. Right first time: embedding the visa application process into the academic curriculum for pre-sessional students
  B8. Early warning signals: a university's approach to identifying and supporting vulnerable international students who are 'at risk'
  B9. A compliant approach to accepting non-SELT English language qualifications for university entry at degree-level above
  B10. Helping international students or corroding learning?  A critique of internationalisation at home 

Thursday 30 June 2016

You can also view the conference sessions by theme

Time Conference sessions
Parallel sessions CD

CD1./EF1. Stop Press
  CD2. Bafa-Bafa: a cross cultural simulation experience
  CD3. Preventing refusals of Tier 4 applications            
  CD4. Dealing with the love stuff: an overview of the immigration routes to stay in the UK on the basis of a relationship
9.00am-10.15am Sessions C
  C1. Demystifying the staff Erasmus exchange for advisers and administrators
  C2. Running a reciprocal Tier 4 compliance audit
  C3. "Have you read our guidance?" - small team working and empowering students in a time of constant change
  C4. "Staff training in the support of Chinese students: the University of Sheffield experience"
  C5. The online adviser - using web based tools to deliver immigration advice
  C6. Not just a recruitment tool?  What do international education agents actually do?
  C7. Update on the UKCISA code of ethics
Sessions D

D1. None of your business?  Are your systems compliant and thorough - or nosey?

D2. Career support for international students

D3. Immigration/PBS module for staff
  D4. Friendship Groups
  D5. Climbing the ladders (and avoiding the snakes!): enhancing your career in higher education
  D6. FE Network
  D7. Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)
Parallel sessions EF

EF1. Stop Press (repeat of CD1)

EF2. Administrative Review            

EF3. Back to the source: the immigration rules for dependants of students            

EF4. From Malaysia to the UK: a student journey
  EF5. Challenging credibility refusals
Sessions E

E1. Undocumented migrants and higher education  

E2. Pre arrival communication: an open conversation and worked examples

E3. Communicating and working successfully with Chinese students

E4. Fancy a cuppa?  What can tea drinking tell you about your organisation?
  E5. International students in crisis: how to help international and EU students avoid or deal with crisis situations - FULL
  E6. The journey from resistance to resilience; delivering compliance with compassion.  Honest reflections and practical interventions.
Sessions F

F1. Nottingham PG Certificate in international student advice and support

F2. Risk based decisions in the context of sponsor licence compliance

F3. UKCISA grants scheme 2015/16 feedback from our project 'Creatinga rolling induction programme for international students'

F4. The OIA: our approach to reviewing complaints and cases involving international students

F5. Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)
  F6. Skills4Keele: online learning resource and interactive learning opportunities to develop better, happier students

Friday 1 July 2016

You can also view the conference sessions by theme

Time Conference sessions
9.30-10.30am Sessions G

G1. Techniques to accurately deal with immigration/visa during September rush

G2. The mindful adviser

G3. One step beyond...UKVI compliance: an evidence-based approach to English language assessment and learning

G4. Supporting artists: creating international student support in Manchester School of Art, working responsively with action research informing short projects and changing the way we communicate and deliver support

G5. Gone International - the latest research on the impact of mobility

G6. Developing a video guide to help applicants complete the Tier 4 entry clearance application form outside the UK

G7. Understanding international student recruitment in diversification markets

G8. Working in partnership: institutions and students' union achieving for international students

G9. Global Society at Newcastle College - enhancing the international student experience
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