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List of parallel sessions

Wednesday 28 June 2017

You can also view the conference sessions by theme  The theme labels are just a guide - please do read the details to help you select the best session for you.

Time Conference sessions
12 -1.30pm Newcomers welcome and introduction to UKCISA conference
Sessions A

A1 Exploring the use of ‘WeChat’ as a social media tool to engage Chinese students
  A2 GradLink UK: how UWE Bristol's award-winning careers site can help your international students to compete effectively in the global graduate job market
  A3 Advice work on Planet SID
  A4 Alumni and international students
  A5 AISA - you're not alone - how to network online and at regional meetings to share best practice with other advisers
  A6 The changing landscape of international education – using data insights to understand student perceptions and expectations
  A7 The virtual diary - from induction to acculturation
  A8 Social and interactive activities for international students - a joint presentation by the University of York and Oxford Brookes University
  A9 The OIA: our approach to reviewing complaints and cases involving international students
  A10 Enhancing the employability of UK-educated Chinese students

Thursday 29 June 2017

You can also view the conference sessions by theme 


Time Conference sessions
Parallel sessions BC

BC1/DE1 Stop Press (repeated as DE1)
  BC2 Tier 4 refusals
  BC3 Dealing with the love stuff: an overview of the immigration routes to stay in the UK on the basis of a relationship
  BC4 Crises intervention
  BC5 Making connections with our Chinese students: staff training developed at the University of Sheffield
9.00am-10.15am Sessions B
  B1 Graduate entrepreneur: an evolving model at Imperial College
  B2 Life at the sharp end - the challenges of managing Tier 4 compliance and advice in modern universities
  B3 The power of presenting: the whys and hows
  B4 A holistic approach to delivering orientation and induction programmes
  B5 Action plans And revocations – what next?
  B6 HEAT inspection survival kit
  B7 Adapting to life after graduation: the dilemma of international students
Sessions C

C1 Are you listening carefully?

C2 Sharing experiences of checking maintenance documents

C3 Negotiating the CAS minefield
  C4 Ronny Chieng, international student
  C5 OISC exempt from registration but not from regulation
  C6 Mobilising family support: implications for the academic resilience of international students
  C7 A value laden journey
Parallel sessions DE

BC1/DE1 Stop Press (repeat of BC1)

DE2 EU law: students and their family members

DE3 Communication with our students from China, India and Nigeria: cultural influences and effective strategies

DE4 Back to the Source: the immigration rules for dependents of students
  DE5 College sector best practice café - solutions to international issues in FE (This is now D8)
Sessions D

D1 Preparing for a Tier 4 audit by the UK Visas and Immigration Higher Education Assurance Team

D2 The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICIBI)

D3 A new interactive approach to visa season

D4 Climbing the ladders and avoiding the snakes: Enhancing your career in higher education
  D5 Tier 4 compliance - minimising risk from the perspective of students, international advisers and sponsors (repeat  E7)
  D6 Voice confidence and bad news delivery
  D7 Demonstration of the new SMS with UK Home Office
  D8 Best Practice and Sharing of International Issues Faced in FE (This was DE5)
Sessions E

E1 Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

E2 Ensuring an all staff understanding of compliance

E3 Preventing illegal working: balancing the interests of the institution and the student

E4 Educational equality and international students in the UK

E5 AISA and ICN: when the going gets tough... Cancelled
  E6 The mindful adviser
  E7 Tier 4 compliance - minimising risk from the perspective of students, international advisers and sponsors (repeat of D5)

Friday 30 June 2017

You can also view the conference sessions by theme

Time Conference sessions
9.45-10.45am Sessions F

F1 Working and communicating effectively with Chinese students

F2 Making internationalisation real?

F3 Housing guarantors schemes – a partnership approach with universities Cancelled

F4 Right to Study Checks: using technology to meet our UKVI requirements whilst limiting the impact on the student experience

F5 Reducing your refusal rate without breaking the bank

F6 Putting the fun in cultural awareness training

F7 Nottingham PG Certificate in international student advice and support

F8 Net migration numbers in the UK: reality check

F9 Job creators, not job takers: cultivating student entrepreneurs
11.15-11.55am Sessions G
  G1 "Volunteer for success" UKCISA grant funded project at FE college
  G2 Australia in focus: a personal comparison of the Australian and British international student environment and market
  G3 ‘It’s like a counselling service is our last choice, it’s our worst choice, sorry.’ Developing new approaches to enhancing the wellbeing of International students
  G4 What does the future of employability for international students look like? Cancelled
  G5 The use of technology as a tool to deliver a high volume of successful visa extensions
  G6 Integration and inclusion on campus: Findings from a student-led research project
  G7 Important things to know about IELTS and how to comply with English language requirements
  G8 Between expectations and lived experiences: the impact of recruitment strategies on international students’ experiences in UK HE
  G9 Sirius programme - enabling international students to establish a business in the UK
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