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The student experience

Orientation for international students
An international student’s first experiences of the UK and your institution are crucial. As well as offering a welcome, orientation offers a basis for successful adaptation to life as a student at your institution and is all the more effective if it reflects its true ethos. This course is highly participative.

Basic advisory skills
Increasingly heavier work pressures for international student advisers may have led to a narrower (eg Tier 4) focus with client care becoming increasingly marginalised. This course helps to identify the benefits of holistic advice and to look at ways of achieving the balance between the needs for providing accurate advice and client care.

Enhanced skills for advisers
Enhance your personal skills for greater effectiveness at negotiating, communication and collaboration in order to achieve a better structure for advice-giving within an educational institution.

Frontline responses to the mental health needs of international students
A hands-on training course in developing basic skills to respond to the mental health needs of international students especially at times of confusion and crisis.

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