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Is the programme award-bearing and/or accredited?

No, this is not an award-bearing course (and hence is not accredited). However, it has been developed with assistance from key sector and professional bodies to ensure it meets the needs of those working in this field.

How long do the modules take?

You can choose how long to spend on each module. You could skim read the text of each in about half an hour, or to engage more fully with the text and the activities might take you approximately one and a half to two hours. Some of the activities could be done in more depth, eg by researching a particular aspect of your institution's provision, or engaging with some of the reading and resources suggested at the end of each module.

Do I have to complete any assessments as part of the course?

No, there are no tests or assessments included. However, there is a Reflect tool to allow you to reflect on what you have learned and how you might use it in your work.

Can I get a certificate to confirm I have completed the course?

You can create a self-certificated summary of your learning at the end of the programme, and you can also save and print out your entries in the Reflect tool as a PDF to provide evidence of your learning.

How do I know if I'm able to access the programme: I don't know if my organisation is a member of UKCISA?

There is a list of member organisations on our website, or you can call us on 020 7288 4330.

My organisation is not a member of UKCISA. How do I access Understanding International?

Access to the programme can be purchased by non-members. Contact our training administrator for details.

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