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The modules explained

What is international?

taster module

  • overview of international activities
  • understand how international work is structured in your institution
  • reflect on your role
  • identify how you will progress through the modules

Education systems and cultures

  • understand how education systems differ
  • understand implications of these differences for your institution, for you, international applicants and students

Cultural awareness

  • understand cultural differences
  • understand the impact of these differences on international activities
  • this module is a precursor to Communication across cultures

Outward mobility

  • understand the key role that mobility can play in enhancing the student experience and in promoting your institution
  • awareness of national and international strategies which promote outward mobility (for both students and staff)

Safety, security & wellbeing

  • understand the importance of assessing risk and undertaking risk assessment
  • identify protocols for dealing with crises (on and off campus)
  • examine good practice in relation to international travel arrangements

The international student journey

  • consider the journey from the perspective of the student
  • identify how best to support incoming and outgoing students throughout their journey

Communicating across cultures

  • understand the impact of culture on the way in which we communicate
  • identify ways in which communication in your institution can be improved to support international (and home) students


  • appreciate the key role that partnerships play in an international(isation) strategy
  • examine the importance of managing and supporting partnerships effectively


  • consider the content, role and benefits of an internationalisation strategy
  • examine the significance of an internationalisation strategy for your institution

Introduction to immigration

  • know where the rules come from and their key functions
  • gain an overview of how rules apply to students

What next?

  • reflect on Understanding International, or the modules you have completed
  • decide what you want to do next - this may involve playing a more pro-active role in your institution, undertaking further training, joining social and/or professional networks, attending/participating in conferences

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