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20 April 2017
All manual pages now updated in line with 6 April immigration changes
25 August 2017
Government reports show that 97% of international students go home before their study visas expire. And the Home Secretary has commissioned the MAC to undertake a review of the impact of international students.
20 September 2017
UK HE funding bodies have begun developing proposals for a pilot survey for taught postgraduate students.
08 November 2017
Book now for the AISA training workshop taking place in London on the 27 November.
18 August 2017
Concession on evidence of A-level results; online verification acceptable for all Tier 4 applications
18 May 2017
'Healthy organisations need complaints’. The OIA shared a number of learning points that we can all benefit from
05 April 2017
Fees and Student Support changes in England, took effect from 3 March 2017
16 October 2017
New supporter status for universities, schools, colleges and other organisations with an interest in international students.
16 December 2016
Action for you if you know of dependants who applied on 24 or 25 Nov 2016
08 December 2016
Universities, schools, colleges and students’ unions. Don't forget that all your colleagues are entitled to use our resources!

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